Seth Beckton getting tits deep in Aspen. 

Seth Beckton Shares Details of Being Thrown off the Chairlift by a Skier

Last Sunday, Seth Beckton, 28, was thrown off the Loge Chairlift at Aspen Highlands by an agitated skier who apparently did not like Beckton's comments about "tits deep face shots." Despite falling 20-25 feet, Beckton came away from the incident physically unscathed. His story has garnered attention on numerous social platforms and news outlets and the suspect has yet to be apprehended. Questions of who this agro two-planker may be are swirling, along with specifics about the day, so we reached out to Beckton for the full scoop.


Loge Peak Lift. Photo: @ColterJH

Give us the run down buddy, what the heck happened last Sunday?

Close to the end of the lift ride on the Loge chair at Highlands, I made a comment that it was easy to get face shots on skies. I said, 'To get tits deep face shots you need to be on your edges.' This somehow offended the random skier I shared the lift with. He then asked me if I was making fun of him. I was taken back and said not really…. Yes? The skier then said, 'well do you think this is funny,' and grabbed the front of my jacket and pulled me from the lift. At this point I am upside down in the snow. After recovering from the fall and realizing what had happened, I signaled to the chair of people that was behind us that I was alright. The chair lift started moving again at this point. I then strapped into my snowboard and rode to the cat walk to see if I could find the guy who had thrown me off. He didn’t show, so I decided to be on my way and continue snowboarding.

So the guy grabbed your coat and tossed you, or how exactly did it all go down?
The suspect grabbed my jacket and jerked me from the chair. Best part, I got my freshie face shot before he did. Take that inconsiderate skier!

What was going through your mind when you started to fall?

I am dead… Okay… I am not dead. Is this real!?

How did you land? On your board? What hurt the worst?

I landed in star fish, but if given warning I most definitely would have grabbed Stalefish or Mute. I landed on my face, but wasn’t hurt due to landing in some deep, glorious pow.

Once you landed, did you holler back up to guy or did you just ride away? 
I didn’t holler back I leave that for the ladies.

What was going through your mind throughout the day?

Thoughts throughout the day, OMG I was thrown from a chairlift. Was it a joke? Am I cool with this? No… No definitely not. I ended up using the negative energy as a flow hack to make my way to the top of the [Highland's] bowl twice. I was almost the first person to the top but again a frik’n skier came running out of nowhere to beat me by two steps. I couldn’t believe it. Who is racing to the top of 12,392 ft besides me? [Aspen problems.]

How many times have do you think you've ridden the Loge Peak lift in your life; this year?

Been to the top of Loge in my life no idea, but probably at least a 100+ time.  Possibly six times this year.

Have you ever had anything like this happen before?

First time being thrown from a chairlift…..

Talk about the rivalry between skiers vs. snowboarders in Aspen; is there one?

The rivalry in Aspen is mellow with locals. We usually give each other a hard time about things when possible, but we all get along and enjoy our privilege to be on the mountain. Except at Highlands…. The skiers think they run it and it shows by their actions. — Just joking! I am joking. I have to say that when riding on chair lifts now.

Lots of people are outraged that you didn't report this earlier, are you glad you waited or what are your thoughts on that?

I should have reported the incident right away. I was in powder panic, froth, slash pow mode. Didn’t want to stop, just because some kook turned agro.

Do you have any inclination about who the guy might have been, local or tourist?

No idea on who the suspect is.

What will you do if they catch the guy?

What will I say?  In your face! Now you have no pass. Guess I'll be getting more tits deep pow shots than you sucker!

Anything else you want to add???

I am 28 years old I am a freelance photographer that shoots pictures of snowboarding, mountain biking and mountain living. Aspen is awesome and Loge chair has sick terrain so don’t come here. I like my tits deep pow shots.   #ILuvTitsDeepPOW #FindtheChucklessChucker

If you have questions for Seth, you can reach out to him on the interwebs here.  But don't expect to hear from him anytime soon— He's currently busy shredding tits deep pow away from populated lifts on hut trip.

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Aspen/Highlands Chair |

Photo: Jeremy Swanson

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