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After 30 Years, The Wait Is Over : Terry Kidwell and SIMS Snowboards Partner On Reissue Project

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August 29, 2014

Tahoe City, CA – Terry Kidwell, known around the world as the father of freestyle snowboarding, has partnered with his first sponsor, SIMS Snowboards to create two reissue versions of Terry's first pro model snowboard, released by SIMS in 1985. That first pro model was not only Terry's first pro model snowboard, but it was also the first ever pro model snowboard sold.

In 1984, snowboarding was in its technological and riding infancy. Terry Kidwell was fast becoming known as the most stylish and technical rider in the world. As an avid skater on vert and mini ramps, he always dreamed of translating skate tricks to the snow. One technical issue was holding every snowboarder back; boards had swallow tails and it was nearly impossible to ride them backwards. Terry had the obvious solution: make a rounded tail with a kick and riding backwards would open up all possibilities on a snowboard.

His solution could never happen without the knowledge and help from Tom Sims. As a passionate and dedicated pioneer of skateboarding and snowboarding, Tom immediately saw Terry's vision and embraced it with enthusiasm. He imagined possibilities that were endless. Together, they would change everything about snowboarding.

Terry Kidwell,

Snowboard legend, Terry Kidwell at Donner Summit Quarterpipe near Lake Tahoe, CA in 1986. PHOTO:

The first pro models were made in very limited quantities and for many years after, people tried unsuccessfully to find one of those rare boards. For many, it was about the quality of the rocker maple board and the shape that made everything possible on a snowboard. For many more in the following years, it would be about nostalgia and fond memories of seeing Terry fully tweaked and changing snowboarding right in front of their eyes. Now the nostalgia and memories can be brought back with these reissue boards.

Making an authentic reissue is no small task, so Paul Schmitt was contacted for the job of designing and developing these boards. The focus is to have the boards made as closely as possible in design and materials as the original 1985 model. Paul has made over 14 million skateboards over the years and he also has the snowboard experience to be the perfect person for this project. Paul actually built a lot of Terry's pro models for SIMS in the mid to late 80s, and he knows these boards well. The result will be a completely hand crafted board, made with patience and passion to replicate a board that changed snowboarding. will go live at 12 Noon EST on September 1, where only 155 limited edition 1985 SIMS Kidwell Roundtail 1550 Reissue OGR boards will be available. The window of opportunity to buy one of these rare and collectable boards is only 30 days. The boards will be gone after September, so order ASAP! They will be hand crafted to order, to ensure the highest quality and attention to detail. Materials used for the OG Reissue are as close to the original 1985 version as possible, including the original five hole mounting pattern. The RR (Rideable Reissue) board is also

highly collectable and as close to the original as possible. But we also wanted to offer a board that people would enjoy riding, so our focus was creating a board that has riding qualities that will make you ride it every day of the season. This board will have a 4 x 4 hole pattern to allow modern bindings to be mounted. Pricing for the boards is as follows: The 1985 SIMS Kidwell Roundtail 1550 Reissue OGR $999.00 and the 1985 SIMS Kidwell Roundtail 1550 Reissue RR $649.00

Included with the 1985 SIMS Kidwell Roundtail 1550 Reissue OGR will be a certificate of authenticity, a signed poster and the board itself will be signed and numbered. Because these boards will be hand made to order, there will be a possible wait of up to 8 weeks from order to delivery. First delivery date is on or around October 15. Payment will be accepted via credit card and PayPal.

The Wait Is Over! Get on a classic reissue now! For additional questions, comments or concerns, e mail to

Terry Kidwell

Slashes in the Mt. Hood halfpipe 2014. PHOTO: Aaron Blatt


“The Kidwell Roundtail forever changed freestyle snowboarding. Fakie (switch) tricks and wheelie (butter) tricks are the foundation of modern freestyle snowboarding.”
– Keith Kimmel, snowboard pioneer and legend, Keith was on the cover of Absolutely Radical, the first ever snowboard magazine.

"For me, that board started snowboarding in the right direction. Now you were able to ride fakie, do cabs and everything else. Never forget that tail wheelie you did at Donner Ski Ranch bro, so sick that style of riding wasn’t possible till you and that board showed us all."
-Chris Roach, snowboarding legend, inventor of "The Grasser", possibly the most stylish method on record.

"The Kidwell Roundtail was the next step to our sport back then, let the fakie tricks begin, and had the best name on the board in the sport!!!!! Legend"
-Shaun Palmer, larger than life

Terry Kidwell was the first person in snowboarding that made me go “wow, I want to look exactly like that in the air”. Before Terry’s forward thinking freestyle influence, snowboarding was heading down a race course in spandex.

"For someone who has inspired so many to soar so high, Kidwell is remarkably down to earth. His first signature model pushed snowboard design forward by enabling advanced riders to go backwards and the tricks he pioneered remain the mainstay of every stylish riders repertoire. I for one am looking forward to strapping in on one of these and reliving the childhood that I wish I had."

-Pat Bridges, The Man at Snowboarder Magazine
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