SIMS launches new ‘History’ section on their website

SIMS has just launched a new comprehensive History section that further cements Tom’s legacy in action sports. The new History section is dedicated to educating viewers about Tom's life and legacy and the influence SIMS had in progressing both snowboarding and skateboarding over the years: from Tom's legendary vision, influence and riders, to the most important product advances in the skate and snow industries.

The new History section is broken into 4 impressive segments: 1: Tom Sims – devoted to Tom's vision of a sideways standing lifestyle from an early age and how he lived and breathed this board-sports lifestyle throughout his entire life. 2: Firsts – an inspiring section that showcases all of the functional and performance based product innovations that ultimately progressed both the snowboarding and skateboarding disciplines. 3: Legends of the Shred – the iconic SIMS skateboard and snowboard teams that are essentially a who's who of talented shreds that helped advance these disciplines to what we know today, and 4:The Archive – a hot collection of vintage ads, product and imagery.

'By the end of the 60's Tom was surfing, skating, wakeboarding and snowboarding. Truly impressive when you really think about it,' said Marc Vitelli, SIMS Brand Manager. 'Tom lived this rad lifestyle right to the end and we have worked extensively over the past few months to bring the detailed History of his life and of his brand to fruition and commemorate his legendary accomplishments. Tom would be proud.'

Everyone at SIMS are all so grateful that Tom had the vision and the means to do what he did over the course of his life. He has made us all who we are today and we are forever in his tracks.