The snow may have all melted where you’re at, but up here in Whistler we’ve still got plenty to go around. It seems like as soon as you’ve almost got that new trick dialed, the season is already over and it’s time for the dreaded waiting to begin. Come get in on the secret the pros have known about for years. It’s time for Camp of Champions!

Stay on top of all those new moves you learned this season, and maybe even add a few more to your bag of tricks for next year. Get tips straight from the pros and come shred with the Nomis team at Camp Of Champions. Take laps with the likes of Simon Chamberlain and Derek Dennison, they’ll be up here all summer long.

New this summer for camp we’ve got 20% more park to shred, but don’t worry there’s no hiking involved. No sweating for you while you’re cruising up the T-Bar right next to the park. Also check out the new signature feature designed exclusively by Simon, guaranteed good times to be had. And for you ladies, join us for the new, women’s specific, MGT signature session with head coach Leanne Pelosi. You may even spot some of the Misschief girls finishing up their video parts for next year’s movie, “Just Like Us.

The Nomis family will be up every Wednesday for the session-end BBQ and will be handing out tons of free gear to the masses. Just look for the green Nomis tent at the bottom of the park.

So if you don’t feel like sitting around in the same old spot all summer, come up to camp to shred and hang out. You know Simon, Leanne and Derek will be there. It’ll definitely be a summer to remember.

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