Silverton Mountain Receives 40 Year Lease

After a lengthy and thorough environmental review process, the Bureau of Land Management today signed the 40 year Lease and Record of Decision for the Silverton Mountain Ski Area. Silverton Mountain will remain as a guided only skiing operation again for winter 2005-2006 however. Unguided skiing options are slated to start in April and run through the spring of 2006.

The new 40 year Lease approves a combination of both guided and unguided skiing options at the 1,600 acre Ski Area.

“We are extremely happy to have received the 40 year Lease. We can now start to prepare for the unveiling of unguided skiing options for April of 2006. Silverton Mountain will operate guided only skiing until April of 2006 however” said Aaron Brill founder of Silverton Mountain.

Since the new permit allows unguided skiing in addition to guided skiing, starting April 2006, skiers will have a choice of continuing to hire a guide at the mountain, or try skiing alone for the first time ever. Things will continue to evolve over time, as a gradual transition will be made into unguided options for 06/07.

“Reservations for guided skiing for 05/06 continue to be strong, and I anticipate they will pick up even further as some people will want to experience Silverton Mountain in it’s current and unique guided only fashion.” said Jen Ader Brill, co-founder of Silverton Mountain

Aaron Brill added, “I can’t thank the BLM enough for giving us the opportunity to provide a special ski experience to the public, especially BLM State Director-Ron Wenker, Durango BLM Area Manager-Mark Stiles, Pauline Ellis, Richard Speegle, Charlie Higby and Denny Hogan who put in a great effort to make it all possible.”

Silverton Mountain is scheduled to open for 05/06 Guided Only Skiing on December 15th, 2005 call for reservations.