April 21st and 22nd Signal Snowboards filmed another episode of Built to Shred on Fuel TV. This time we rode June Mountain and built some craziness. Day one started with a bomb drop off the old concrete batch plant that June used to make all the lift tower pads back in the 80’s. It was going to be a mellow 20-foot drop until Peter Benchetler said, “Lets land on that fence.” With a sketch drop in tied down to an old railing and a bouncy fence to land on it was quit exciting.

From there we moved on to a giant Genie man from an old carpet store. At first we shredded just the top half at 10feet. Matt Guess put down a couple amazing tricks with a switch fs270 and then a huge bs rodeo over the whole thing. With night descending on us we rode down the hill in complete darkness getting ready for the next day when the Genie would stand 20feet tall.

The morning of the 22nd started out really easy style with every one shredding the half Genie while the brains tried to figure out how to get the Genie to stand tall. Kyle Earl had been ripping the half Genie all day with countless moves airing over the Genie and one of the only guys sliding the top of the Genie. After an amazing crail slide he got caught up in the crazy slush and hurt his knee. After we got him down the hill we started working on getting the Genie to super height.

With in a couple min of the first attempt of getting him together the Genie came crashing down from 13 feet. We all were tripping out and thought that one of the snow cats was going over with it. There it lay smashed on the ground; what now we thought? “Shred it.” Turned out to be the mellowest of the sessions we had those two days. With in a couple of min the guys had a new plan figured out. 2 hours later we where shredding a 20 foot tall Genie.

With the light fading on the last day Full Genie was shredded. Every one stoked and really tired we wrapped it all up and head back home. A really exciting and different couple of days of riding where over and the second episode of Built to Shred for the Signal Snowboards Family was done.