Signal’s Tailblocks and Tortillas Tour Update

Day 3 Powder Mtn.
As the morning sun arrived the team prepares for a day of shredding at Powder Mountain.  Signal Coffee is being brewed as Austen Granger, Jordan Parks and east coast rep Kris Anderson arrive on the scene.  The SLC/ East coast crew arrives relieved that they finally have their boards, which were carelessly lost by the airline.  The Signal crew shows up at "pow mow" it is snowing hard and visibility is poor.  Jake Olson Elm traded in his 150 park for a 163 wide and it's hard to say if he will ever go back.  Dave Jessup and friends guide us to the hot spots, the snow is incredible, the terrain is excellent.  When we finally thought our day of riding "powder country" couldn't get any better, we were introduced to cat skiing at Powder Mountain.  The day was all about High fives and good laughs on some excellent snow.  Thanks Powder Mountain!  Thanks Dave and Misty Jessup!  Thanks also to Rich for the amazing pad.

Day 4 Brighton

The newest addition to the Signal crew, Mike Eichorn (Utah rep extradordinaire) leads the charge through Big Cottonwood Canyon, to Brighton resort. If you haven't been to Utah, the canyons are gnarly. Watch for falling rocks.  The sun started to peak out just as we grabbed our passes.  First things first, hot laps underneath Mary's. Joining us was Clif Reagle of Dinobots fame, to check out our lines for the day.  Couple hours later Peter Benchetler, Yusaku Horii, Jordan Parks and the Wahoo's trucks met us at the bottom.  Posse intact we rally up Milly and start traversing out.  Hours later, after gorging ourselves on pow slashes and cliff drops, we retired to evergreen where Austen and Yusaku took turns boosting big airs over the infamous "field goals" jump.

After a sweet day of riding at Brighton we retired to the SFK house in sugarhouse to BBQ and party with the Salt Lake kids.  It gets out of hand per usual, there is a little blood, some wrestling, cee-low, tramp skating and high fives. Ichi ban nori.