Signal’s Tailblocks and Tortillas Tour: Day 1 and 2

Huntington beach to Powder Mountain Utah, normally a 10 hour drive. We made it in 19. This is due to a 3 hour stop in Vegas to hear stories of girl on girl oral action and some intense browsing through the 30,000 computer images in a the club tattoo parlor. Jake really wanted a tattoo, but he felt that the 909 bro shop in a vegas mall didn’t have a suitable vibe for him to go under the gun for his first time… After our detour in vegas we stopped on the Nevada boarder to handle some 2$ black jack which of course included “free” beers.. We all lost our money and gained a buzz, except for Yusaku horii ,the rookie gambler fresh out of japan… he came up $3.50. After the casino we stocked up on real beer before we got into utah and hit the road. At midnight we finally rolled into our smooth ass place at the base of powder mountain, and hit the booze train for a few hours to wind down from our drive
Powder mountain was hot powder mountain today but that didn’t stop us from finding plenty of pow slashes and windlips nestled in the trees. After milking out ignorant people’s leftovers we decided to session a kinked quarterpipe in the park. Jake and Yusaku handled some smooth ass hand plants and Austin and I shredded a sweet vert jump… Dave Jessup from Pow mow hooked us up with snowmo shuttles and whatever else we wanted all day. Thanks Dave. When the session was over we scoped some shit to shred after the fresh coat of snow the next few days, so stay tuned. The day left us with plenty of extra sunlight so we took a flyfishing trip to some beaver ponds along the powder mountain highway and we handled business there as well. Not a bad First day