Signal Snowboards: Year 2

Signal Snowboards is heading into its second year thanks to shops and riders who are ready for change. Signal’s mission is an out of the box approach to the snowboard industry; a true lifestyle company about ones personal decision to choose an unconventional path through life; one that finds deeper meaning in love and happiness not monetary reward. There are many of you who have decided to follow passions such as art, music, and snowboarding simply because you love it – it is a part of you! Signal is here for this reason. Surrounded by brands who are constantly competing with each other for your business, we choose to stand on our own compete with no one and stay true to our core values.

There are lots of new additions to Signal in 05/06. A 136 for younger riders and a wide series balances out the snowboard line and offers more choices. Graphics inspired by reflection of life around Signal in its first year. 19 to 25 inch centered stances compliment the directional side-cut allowing options for today’s progressive freestyle set ups. Sintered bases are also new for the 05/06 line. New clothing designs along with a continued co-op with Spacecraft on beanies and shirts have everyone excited. Spacecraft rules!

Website updates! The journey continues… Opening cartoon, see the continuation. There is always a new door that can be opened! In addition, a new page dedicated to unsigned bands and artists showcase their music and art. Purchased items have all the proceeds going to the artist. If you would like to join the Signal mailing list, see the contact page and submit you email address.

The Signal Crew has been busy. Matt Hammer has been filming with Standard Films this season. He is heading over to Japan for the annual Slope Style contest. Guy Deschenes is heading back to Alaska for filming, he recently placed 15th in the US Open and was one of the standouts of the contest, style king! Stephen Myers just won the Planet Earth contest at Big Bear, which won him 500 bucks and a free trip to Norway. Spencer Links is our newest rider; at fourteen, he is constantly placing top ten in contests. He is heading to Copper for nationals. Mikee HK has been between Whistler and Ontario riding no matter what the conditions. Jacqui Berg after having a busy year is healing her ankle. Owen Roth moved to Whistler only to move back to Ontario because of the snow conditions in the Northwest. So sad.

There are so many new and exciting things ahead of us here at Signal, it’s just a matter of time before we can share it. Stay in touch for all the latest!

Thank you for your time.All of us at Signal!