On August 1st 2007, Signal Snowboards, a Seattle-based company, and Five Axis Manufacturing, a Huntington Beach-based factory, joined forces and merged their companies. This amalgamation has produced a new consortium by the name of “The Lodge.

“Our companies had a philosophical compatibility, says Signal Director, Dave Lee.” We knew that if we came together as a brand and as a factory we would have more resources and would be able to focus on the issues we see in our industry from manufacturing to retail.

While Signal remains the primary brand, The Lodge has plans to not only continue to produce OEM brands, but to improve the manufacturing experience for those brands.

” We have the capabilities to customize, design, and build any configuration of elements to the client’s specifications. And because we are right here in the US we can do it in a day, said The Lodge Director, Marc Wierenga. He added, ” There are respected and creative brands out there that don’t have their own factory. We want to provide them with a manufacturing experience that makes them feel like they do.

Signal and The Lodge plan to unveil the new factory and more details in January 08.