Signal Snowboard Design Challenge through

Artists this is for you! Signal has teamed up with the very creative community over at to come up with the most impressive snowboard design contest to date. Your opportunity is to create and submit your favorite design for a Signal Snowboard. If you win – are you ready? – You win $1000 dollars and your graphic goes into the production line for 2014/2015 where you get a $10 royalty for every board sold! What else could you ask for? As an artist you get global attention to your design, money for your hard work and insight and connections into the snow industry. Now this is a design contest worth submitting for!

Upload your art today at you have 23 days left!

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Signal is a California brand anchored in snowboarding that connects like-minded people through the power of media, manufacturing, innovation and the dream of living a good life.

 Signal Snowboard Design Contest