Shred With Gigi Rüf At The Volcom Team House In Austria!


Volcom Stone’s newest snowboard movie, “9191” is premiering on September 1st, 2010 in Newport Beach, California. 9191’s release will coincide with an interactive web contest based around a word search.

Participants will collect 26-clues from videos released daily for 26 days beginning on 9/1/10, via Volcom’s Facebook, Twitter and Each clue will correspond with a letter of the alphabet and be deployed in alphabetic order over the 26-day contest period.

Each of the words would be something Gigi would bring on a snowboarding trip. For example, the “A” clue might read like this, “I’m going on a snowboarding trip and I’m bringing an Avocado.” The participants will then email all of the 26-word clues to

Everyone that correctly identifies all 26 clues will get a signed 9191 movie poster and will be entered to win the grand prize: A trip to the Volcom team house in Austria to ride with Gigi.

We’ll also include complete Volcom snowboarding setup, consisting of a beanie, gloves, jacket, pants and Volcom snowboard.

The winner will be chosen randomly shortly after the last clue is announced on September 26th!

For official rules and regulations check out