Shred Lightly

What Can You Do?

As snowboarders, we must speak for the snow. We all depend on this sweet frozen water, the fate of which is slipping away. As someone who's witnessed such climate change firsthand for nearly three decades and pursued extensive education regarding the topic, Jeremy Jones knows a thing or two. He founded Protect Our Winters (POW) as a call to action. But what can you—the average rider—do? Here are POW's seven ways to speak up for snow.

Get Political: Your vote matters. It's just as important on local and regional levels.

Educate Yourself: Learn the truth about environmental issues and how they affect all of our lives.

Find Your Lever: Each of us has a unique ability to make a difference. It might not be obvious, but how you leverage your skills—your job or key contact—can make an impact.

Be Vocal: Speak up about climate change to your friends, family, and co-workers.

Talk To Businesses: Encourage sustainable business practices and vote with your dollars.

Adjust Your Life: Small changes can do a lot. Reduce, reuse, recycle.

Join POW: Become a part of a larger group and consolidate your power.

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