Snowshoe Mountain, West Virginia, is getting nailed by the “superstorm” that’s pummeling the eastern seaboard right now, formerly Hurricane Sandy. They’ve received well over a foot and are getting wind gusts over 55 mph. Reports are coming out that over 30 people have died already in this storm, the brunt of it hitting New York and New Jersey. But if you’re without power, can’t go to school or work, and you’re living in Virginia, maybe some boarding is in order…

The resort is scheduled to open on December 8, but may open sooner if this snow sticks around.

Here’s a video from last night’s storm:

Video courtesy of Snowshoe Mountain Resort

Deep. Photo: Snowshoe Mountain Resort

10/30/2012. Time to start cleaning up. Photo: Snowshoe Mountain Resort

Man power, too. Photo: Snowshoe Mountain Resort