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Shaun White and Kelly Clark win 2014 Mammoth Grand Prix #4 pipe

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After Danny Davis's win at the morning Grand Prix pipe, the buzz among some in the industry/media corral was whether Danny could hand Shaun White another defeat like he did at the Mammoth Grand Prix four years ago. But when the fourth Grand Prix finals got underway that afternoon it didn't take long for that idea to be snuffed out. Danny came out looking strong on his first run with a huge switch method but cased the lip hard on a double crippler about halfway through his. He was slow to pick himself up and for a while it wasn't clear if he'd be able to even take his second run.

And then Shaun trotted out old faithful—the run with the method, the corked out frontside 540 stalefish, and the double McTwist 1260, which put him firmly in first place.

With one more chance to make a solid score Danny fell on his second run and Shaun drove the nail further into the coffin for the rest of the field with a run that included a Cab double cork 1440.

But the biggest shake up this afternoon came when Scotty Lago stepped up and got second place. Back in 2010 Lago came from behind at the last minute to pick up a spot on the US team and win a bronze medal at the Vancouver Olympics, and he's poised to make the team again if he can pull together another good run on Sunday.


Scotty Lago made the Olympic team in 2010 after two second place wins at the final two qualifying events. Will history repeat itself?

"Well, I needed it to have a shot," Scotty said of his win today. "I'm really pumped, but I'm not that pumped because I've still got to get a first or second on Sunday, and with Shaun competing he obviously makes it way more challenging."

Taylor Gold came through with the same consistent riding he's displayed since the Dew Tour and picked up third.

By the time the contest was over Danny had lost the third place spot he had just claimed in US team standings thanks to his win in the morning and ended up in fourth, while Shaun moved into third. Taylor Gold stayed in the top spot after bumping Greg Bretz to second. Taylor, Greg, and Shaun are looking really good to make the team on Sunday, but it's that fourth place spot that could still go to a number of riders including Danny Davis, Scotty Lago, or Ben Ferguson.

Kelly Clark wins four Olympic qualifiers in a row

For the women the second pipe event was a case of déjà vu. Kelly Clark won again, followed by Chloe Kim and Hannah Teter after they all landed nearly identical runs to the earlier contest. Chloe Kim is too young to make these Olympics, but she's still earning points although the rider ranked behind her would be the one to officially make the team.


“I like people to think they’re going to be fine and then show up and blow minds,” Hannah Teter joked of her double second place finishes. It was all or nothing for her today.

With a perfect winning streak for Kelly Clark she's guaranteed to make the US team and Arielle Gold is also in a good place but it will come down to Sunday to see who gets the third and fourth spots. Those spots are still within the reach of a few riders including Hannah, Gretchen Bleiler, Kaitlyn Farrington, Elena Hight.


Watch the winning runs from the morning Grand Prix here


Top Six US Olympic Team Men's Halfpipe Qualification Standings

Combined points from two best scores after third and fourth Grand Prix halfpipe stops

1. Taylor Gold: 1,800 (Tie breaker score: 600)

2. Greg Bretz: 1,800 (Tie breaker score: 500)

3. Shaun White: 1,800 (Tie breaker score: 0)

4. Danny Davis: 1,450

5. Scotty Lago: 1,250

6. Ben Ferguson: 1,050


2014 Mammoth Grand Prix Men's Pipe #4 Results

1. Shaun White

2. Scotty Lago

3. Taylor Gold

4. Greg Bretz

5. Louie Vito

6. Matt Ladley

7. Ben Ferguson

8. Chase Josey

9. Spencer Shaw

10. Gabe Ferguson

11. Zach Black

12. Joe Mensch

13. Brett Esser

14. Danny Davis

15. Benjie Farrow

16. Ryan Wachendorfer


Top Six US Olympic Team Women's Halfpipe Qualification Standings

Combined points from two best scores after third and fourth Grand Prix halfpipe stops

1. Kelly Clark: 2,000

2. Chloe Kim (not Olympic eligible): 1,600

3. Arielle Gold: 1,400

4. Hannah Teter: 1,200

5. Gretchen Bleiler: 1,050

6. Kaitlyn Farrington: 1,000


2014 Mammoth Grand Prix Women's Pipe #4 Results

1. Kelly Clark

2. Chloe Kim

3. Hannah Teter

4. Arielle Gold

5. Elena Hight

6. Kaitlyn Farrington

7. Gretchen Bleiler

8. Maddy Schaffrick

9. Kelly Berger

10. Summer Fenton