Carlsbad, CA (Earthproducts)- August 10, 2004. Adio Footwear is proud to announce the addition of Shaun White to the Adio Footwear pro team. Shaun joins Jeremy Wray, Tony Hawk, Ed Selego, Danny Montoya, Bam Margera, Brian Sumner, Kenny Anderson, Alex Chalmers and Steve Nesser to create one of the best skateboard teams ever assembled.

“I am really stoked to be on the Adio team. They have a crazy pro team, and to be considered good enough to join them is amazing. I can’t wait to go on tour with the team and start hanging out with them.” -Shaun White, superstar

“We’re super stoked to have Shaun on board. He’s got more talent in his pinky than most people have in their entire bodies. Shaun’s already one of the best snowboarders in the world and he’s got the commitment, drive and talent to be one of the best skateboarders in the world too.” -Jeff Taylor, Adio Footwear Director of Marketing.

About Shaun White: At 17 years old, Shaun is considered by most to be the best competitive snowboarder in the world. Already a Winter X-Games gold medalist and recipient of Winter X 2003’s “Most Outstanding Rider” as the only rider to ever win both the X-Games Superpark and Pipe events in the same year, Shaun in now skateboarding and competing on a professional level as well. Hissponsors include Adio Footwear, Birdhouse skateboards, Burton, Volcom, Oakley, Target, PS2, Mt. Dew, and T-Mobile.