Per reports, one man is dead and sixteen are injured after Mount Kusatsu-Shirane, a 7,090 ft volcano, erupted with an avalanche following shortly after Tuesday morning (10 a.m. local time) near Kusatsu, Japan.

Rock, ash, and debris were found over over a half a mile away from the epicenter of the volcano, with officials saying the active site could flare up again. Japan, sitting on the infamous “Ring of Fire”, have over 100 monitored volcanoes across the grouping of islands. Kusatsu-Shirane last erupted in 1983.

Over 80 patrons were trapped at the top of the mountain after the power went out and the gondola stopped running. Helicopters and snowmobiles were dispatched and have since retrieved the group. At the time of this post, it has been reported that sixteen were injured between the explosion, falling rocks and the ensuing avalanche, and one man has died. The man that died was a member of Japan’s Self Defense Force, participating in a training exercise on the mountain.

Our deepest condolences go out to all those affected.

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