Seven Covert Action Figures

Sources inside both the snowboarding and action-figure industries have hinted that a very limited squad of 12-inch Seven Covert Action Figures were spotted en route to Japan in late September.

Most accounts report the total number of figures at 150-200. These toys are rumored to be miniature 1:6 scale covert operatives charged with “carrying out the will” of Burton team riders involved with the development of the Seven snowboard series.

It is speculated that select Japanese dealers will act as “safe-houses” for the 12-inch snowboarders and that these locations will serve as bases from which to launch tactical assaults on a regional level.

Rumors that these figures are intended to locate and neutralize the now infamous Urban Terrorist figures from 21st Century Toys are false, as that figure was officially recalled and is no longer considered a threat.

Neither the Burton office, nor the Seven team riders (Jeff Anderson, Rahm Klampert, Christian “Gigi” Rüf, Narufumi “Beru” Yoshimura, Sani Alibabic, Jason Brown, and Yoshinari “Ue” Uemura) will comment officially on these reports. Burton has said that “…if they’re out there, then they probably have a job to do and will not be available for resale”.