Seth Huot Joins Celsius

Seth does not really need a big introduction as he has been getting it done for quite some time, and is still holding it down with the best of them.  Most recently in the new Volcom project, “escramble where he definitely had one of the best parts in the film.  It was good timing as Seth was able to join fellow team members last week in the SLC, for the new 07/08 catalog shoot.  He was stoked on all the boots, and cannot wait to get them on his feet.  He will be back filming with the MDP crew this season, and keep an eye out for his ad coming soon.  

Everybody on the team and behind the scenes is super stoked on the addition.  Seth joins Jon Kooley, Jordan Mendenhall, Chris Dufficy, Derek Dennison, Chris Bradshaw, Nate Farrell, Zak Hale, Alex Cantin, Jacob Koia, Curtis Sorensen, Benny Urban and more.  

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