Scotts Valley, CA, November 19, 2010- Nick is a press-making machine, being featured in almost every media sphere this past year. The genuine, yet sometimes sarcastic answers he’s given in response to questionnaires have created a dichotic stir in the industry, love him or question him, you can’t deny that he is a unique, creative character and amazing snowboarder.

“We’ve known Nick for several years now and have always hoped that this opportunity would present itself. Nick is the perfect addition to the Sessions Team. He is more than a rider, he’s a passionate businessman going mogul and most importantly he’s like family. I know there will be plenty of positive outcomes from this partnership.” -Danielle Glagola, Marketing Manager, Sessions

In addition to all of Nick’s media coverage, he is also busy skating and giving back to the youth community through his professional sessions at Windell’s and Evolve Chile camps during the summer months. Nick is full-heartedly driven; this is easily seen with such successes as creating the international web phenomenon Tahoe Dangerzone, his mind-blowing opening part in ThinkThank’s Right Brain, Left Brain and taking Gold in large contests such as Hot Dawgz and Hand Rails. Although this is but a glimpse of his successful traditional and online media endeavors, it is easy to see why he is such a pioneer in snowboarding.
(Leader, ambassador, progressive figure)

“What sold me on Nick was that he has a personality, he’s sincere and not afraid of what other people might think, which is rare, especially in this industry. I like the fact the he is willing to take risks and put everything on the table, which makes for a great person, team rider, and businessman. The fact that Nick skateboards definitely helped seal the deal since Sessions roots are bound to skateboarding. I can definitely see the influence skateboarding has had over Nick’s snowboarding style…he’s got mad skills!” -Joel Gomez, CEO & Founder, Sessions

“Sessions is the skate/snow love child from Northern California. I grew up consumed in these active lifestyles, which Sessions epitomizes.  Not only is it a blessing to ride for Sessions, a pillar in the skate/snow communities, but it is an opportunity to invest into an inspiring movement of redefining Northern California youth culture.”- Nick Visconti, Team Rider & Brand Ambassador, Sessions