Sessions Rock TWS Rider’s Poll After Party with Social D

After an evening of awards and respect for our sports superstars at The House Of Blues in Las Vegas, where Sessions’ own Hana Beaman grabbedFemale Rookie of The Year, Social Distortion took the stage and kept the intensity alive with pounding sounds for an after party made possible by Sessions in conjunction with Transworld Snowboarding and co-sponsors Gore, 32 Boots, Palmer Snowboards and Giro Helmets. To the wild vibeand moshing support of the attendees, Social D performed a full-forceset and was called back to the stage for five powerful encores.

Sessions Records’ Audio Crush played an awesome set of punk-pop-rockinfluenced music with transcending male and female vocals-while theirdrummer continued to play the full set undistracted, despite breakinghis finger on the snare during the first song.

The evening overall embodied the hype and power of our industry’s topathletes, the culture and progressiveness of the sport and industry.Congratulations to all awardees, nominees, attendees and survivors.Look out for more Sessions events that continue to support and rock ourindustry’s culture.