Portland, OR – 11/22/16 – Sessions MFG welcomes Phil Hansen to the team. With roots in Colorado, now indefinitely residing in Snoqualmie, WA, Phil contributes to the Sessions team with true grit. As seen in Think Thank's latest title The Weather Outside Is Weather, Phil's riding is brimmed with new school progression and old school style. Many acclaim the ability to ride switch and regular with equal competency as the hallmark of talent – Phil can do just that on both snowboard and skateboard! Sessions tagline Always Have Always Will is more than a slogan, it's an lifestyle; there is no doubt Phil always has ridden, and with other sponsors such as Lib Technologies behind him, there is no doubt he always will. Brand Manager Nick Visconti quotes, "Phil's addition to Scotty Vine, Jesse Paul, Ryan Paul, Nick Geisen, and Ryland West on our Sessions team makes perfect sense. You don't come across many that live and die 'Skate & Destroy' – now we have six. Welcome Phil!"

"It’s a pretty awesome feeling to be chosen to ride for a brand that has had so much to do with the progression of snowboarding. With skateboarding and rock 'n roll roots, I feel very honored to have found a home where who I am belongs. Sessions always has been there for every rad event, and I can tell that they’ll continue to always be there. To me, that’s what really defines a core brand."- Phil Hansen

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Sessions MFG commenced in 1983 as the first snowboard shop in North America, then began manufacturing outerwear in 1987. From endorsing beloved skateboard and snowboard athletes to managing an impactful music label featuring hall of fame punk rock artists, the brand never ceased to evolve. With a powerful pedigree the brand relaunched recently with the new tagline Always Have Always Will  to prove their commitment in the past and future lifestyle marketplaces. For more on Phil Hansen or to preview Sessions full W16 line visit, and be sure to follow them on Facebook/Instagram: @sessionsmfg.