Sessions Log Jam Results

The 3rd Annual SESSIONS Lumberjack Log Jam went down at Squaw Valley on Saturday March 22nd, under blue skies and a packed Easter Weekend crowd.  The course was mellow and fun, and the Squaw Valley crew made sure everything was in top form for all the riders.  They even added in some unique Log features to stay in tune with the theme of the contest.  Some serious riding went down and everyone had a good time!

Men’s snowboard
1. Chris Bosco
2. Kyle Earl
3. Zak Hale
4. Jonny Lazzareschi, Johnny Brady (tie)
5. Benny Urban

Women’s snowboard
1. Femke Henriques

Men’s ski
1. Zach Steele
2. Ben Westmorecan
3. Kevin Malone
4. Alex Dorszynski
5. Jordan Seldin

Thanks to the sponsors for making it all happen:
SESSIONS, Squaw Valley, Skullcandy, Kicker Audio, Ogio, Schecter Guitars.

Photo: Zak Hale gets stumped at the Lumberjack Log Jam.