Series 13, Burton’s Customized Board Program

Burlington, VT –

Snowboarding is all about individual style and expression, from the way you ride to your sticker job on your snowboard. Now riders have the ultimate tool for creating their own unique board with Series 13(tm), Burton’s first customized board program that lets riders design the graphics of a high-end Burton snowboard.

Instead of just slapping some stickers or stencils on your board and calling it your own, now you can customize your board’s artwork, finish, sidewall colors and base design on the Series 13 section of You can even choose between a 3D or 2X stance pattern. Four high-end Burton board models can be customized on the website, including Baron ES, Custom X, Feelgood ES and T6. Many different graphic themes are currently available, and new themes will be introduced throughout the season. With over a million different design combinations to choose from, you’ll never have the same board as anyone else on the hill.

Burton pro riders have always influenced and designed board graphics, and now Series 13 lets you be a part of the process. “Series 13 is the freshest thing to happen to snowboards in a while,” says Dave Downing. “I think people are going to be super stoked to make their own graphics and then get to ride the board. It’s like anyone can have their own pro model.”

All Series 13 boards are individually built by hand at Burton Manufacturing Center, located a few short miles away from Burton’s global headquarters in Burlington, Vermont. Through a partnership with select Burton AuthorizedDealers, Burton ships completed Series 13 boards to a participating dealer of your choice for pick-up. Each board comes with a metal nameplate inlay that canbe engraved as you wish. A leather bag, certificate of authenticity and a personally signed certificate from Jake Burton are also part of the package.

Designing your own board through Series 13 is the next best thing to getting your own pro model. So, head to and start creating your ownsignature high-end board with a hot pink and green argyle top and a purple base today. Or maybe you should stick with the classic, wood veneered top with an old school Burton mountain logo on the base. There’s always the stealthy solid black, matte finish top with a black base. It’s all up to you with Series 13.