Sepia Clothing Announces 05/06 Pro Team

Irvine, California—Sepia®, the new clothing brand from Westlife Distribution U.S.A. LLC, is pleased to announce the debut of the Sepia professional snowboarding team.

Sepia welcomes Cory Cronk, Casey Neefus, Sean Genovese, and Max Legendre as the first four professional riders to be added to the Sepia roster. Each rider brings his own style to the team that makes for a group of personalities well-suited to the Sepia mentality.

“Sepia is about exposing every aspect of humanity – whether it’s good, bad or ugly, says Kristin Cusic, marketing manager for Sepia Clothing, “We wanted a team that reflects the unique brand message with each rider contributing something different to the movement.

“We’ve been put in the incredible position of being able to build something from the ground up and I’m really excited in the direction of not only the team, but the brand as well, comments Will Redd, team manager for Sepia, “We’ve got a solid crew behind us and we’re all eager to grow together.

Sean Genovese began making his indelible mark on the snowboarding world a few years ago and is constantly talked about as one of the riders slated for greatness. He currently resides in Surrey, B.C and spends the season filming and entering contests, while managing and riding for his own board brand, DINOSAURSwilldie. Sean’s other sponsors are Electric, Defcon, Coastal Riders, and Mt. Seymour.

When asked about what it felt like to be a part of the Sepia Movement, Sean said, “I’m excited to be a part of a new brand… it’s rad to be able to be a part of the direction of a new company and it’s a hell of a compliment to be asked to be a part of a company while making its first impression.

Cory Cronk hails from Wrightwood, California where he grew up riding Mountain High and Big Bear. He splits his season between contests and filming with the Finger On Da Trigger crew. According to Cronk, “Sepia is the new ill shit and probably da illest! Cronk also rides for Technine, Rossignol, Ambiguous, Alive Athletics, Powder and Sun, and Electric.

French Canadian Max Legendre has been rocking Sepia from the day the samples were first available. He currently lives in RDP, Montreal, and helped Sepia’s growth in Canada when he won contest after contest late last season rocking Sepia. Max is sponsored by Rome, Technine, Spy, DC, Nixon, Drop, and Infiny-T Boardshop. “I’m proud to be part of the team, says Max, “because the mentality of Sepia is really nice and the gear looks like street clothing, but you can ride with it. So sick!

New Yorker turned Tahoe resident Casey Neefus has been building a solid reputation in snowboarding circles for a long time, and is well known for his parts in all three Neoproto films. In addition to Sepia, Casey rides for Rome, Active, Grenade, Elm, Electric, 32, Ipath and Eesa.

“The gear looks really good, says Casey, “I’m looking forward to working with the people involved with the Sepia program – the team and in-house. I think that Sepia is going to take off as a company and I am stoked to be a part of this sick new program.”

Check out the new Sepia team in the following films released this season: Casey Neefus in Neoproto’s Some Kinda Life, Max Legendre in Sunset Films’ Frosted Flakes, Cory Cronk in FODT’s One Love, and Sean Genovese in the Thinktank’s, Cue The Birds. You can also read more about the Sepia on the new website,

Sepia is a new company determined to expose all the facets of humanity-the good, the bad, the pretty, the ugly, the sexual, the disgraceful, the terrible and the wonderful. Sepia is the tone of humanity. To learn more about Sepia, log onto Rider owned and operated since 1992, Westlife"¢ Distribution USA LLC is the parent company of Sepia® and 686®.