Self-portrait Book by Mike Basich

Self-portrait Book by Mike Basich on KickStarter

Mike Basich is self funding a book showcasing the last 15 years of shooting snowboarding. Mikey was one of the first riders we saw shooting POV angles (before GoPro), and setting up remote camera shots also. His book will be quite a collection.

From Mike Basich’s kickstarter:

Mike is creating a 9.25×11 photo book of my self portraits from over the last 15 years snowboarding 130+ pages hardcover

Wanting to do this together to be able to go into print with your involvement. I am wanting to keep this a DIY project with all of you, so I can keep the layout and images how I want to share these images. Printing on really nice quality paper. I need to order a certain amount to be able to make it happen.Delivery:

This project takes about 8 weeks to complete so hoping to have it shipped by early jan. if things are delayed I think it be no later then mid jan.

Multiple Pledge options are available, but this is the main one

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    The Book being created here. Self Portrait Book by Mike Basich 130+ pages. hardcover 9.25×11 inches, Shipping is included in this. Signed on outside cover by Mike Basich

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