Second Wind Premieres In Montreal

Nothing signals the start of the snowboarding season more than a video premiere. Last Wednesday (October 18) was the Montreal premiere of the video “Second Wind” by Whistler-based TreeTop Productions. Oakley Canada and Platinum Distribution were the sponsors of this event and according to Yanick Morris of Oakley, “We take lots of pride in the Canadian boys and girls. A film this good deserves our patronage.”

The premiere was held at the Imax Theatre in downtown Montreal. Attendees were greeted by local DJ Psycho mixing the latest in techno sounds. Some of the riders in the film who were in attendance included Derek Heidt and Matt Domanski. Matt, who had already seen the film was impressed with, “the overall amazingness with the whole package, there was a lot pride in making this film.”

The boys from TreeTop were on hand to discuss the film. Brad McGregor, who filmed, edited and directed the video, says, “Last year our first film “Clear Cut” did really well and we decided to continue with using the local talent in Whistler.”

Danny Polson was the graphic artist who did the animation and design. “We have lots of technology among us,” he said. “We decided to use it to integrate the animation into the film. We want people to question themselves as to whether they just saw a rider or an animated sequence.”

Steve Orton produced the film. He explained: “The film was shot in order to amaze viewers. We don’t want to be like all the other videos. We don’t just focus on technical riding. Even our music is unique, our DJ ‘Matt the Alien’ would watch the film then mix the appropriate music. Unfortunately Matt had a punctured lung and couldn’t make the trip.”

As for the movie itself, 350 viewers were pretty much in awe of some of the shots: the 50-meter rockslide was impressive. About 85 percent of the terrain was snowmobile-access only and there were no handrails sequences. The animation was incredible with sequences that flowed from rider to animation with an unreal fluidity. The crowd turned on to the music that accompanied the mostly Canadian riders. It was that kind of night for some good old chest-thumping ‘I am a Canadian’ pride.

–Anthony Harubin