Search For The Holy Mugs With Nitro

To celebrate its tenth anniversary, Nitro held a treasure hunt on the first day of the show. For the hunt Nitro provided different clues in the search for two golden mugs. The lucky sleuths will receive prizes at the tenth anniversary party tonight held at the booth.

The clues for day one were: While riding on a train, I lost an eye, went to the parlor for a chocolate/vanilla swirl, got poked by the cone, and lost the other one. Oh what a day, duh! End. Answer: Transworld.

The second: Some of you are hard headed but you probably should wear one on your melon, check out this modeel. Answer: Leedom.

For day two the clues are as follows: You don’t need a church key to open this one, it comes with the other kind of cap. The second: Some have one hump and some have two. Good Luck.