Scotty Lago Leads TTR World Tour

FLOW, San Clemente, CA—The TTR World Tour leader finds himself hunting down the competition in the early season. With 426.53 TTR points under his belt, Scotty enjoys some downtime at home. While most riders are home polishing their sticks for the up coming season Scotty finds himself in the woods sniffing out the overpopulated Dear numbers, of southern NH. A true sports man, and gentleman, Scotty can in fact weight both ends of the spectrum. A kind and thoughtful young man, visiting the sick kids at the Floating Hospital for Children in Boston, to the camouflage back woods hunter looking for food to feed the family. If the season continues at this rate, Scotty will be the one to beat for points, on a snowboard, or in the woods. Don’t end up on the wrong side of the gun.