And the winner is …

It was the most difficult contest we’ve ever judged here at TWS—we wish everyone could have won. There were some great entries including Anthony who colorfully described his job working from 5:30 in the morning in Pennsylvania moving dirt in the intense humidity while inhaling fumes from the paper mill, then there was Nick A. from Ontario, Canada and his sketchy landscaping job alongside repeat offenders described in a mellow 900 words. Poor Jenise S. just graduated from high school and is looking unforward to a summer as a counselor at Bible Camp—she included a rigorous daily schedule that starts at 8:00 am and runs through 10:00 pm every single day. Ouch. Twelve-year-old Max P. describes a sweltering summer babysitting his five cousins under six at the family’s annual reunion at a remote, decrepit Kentucky cabin—”You can’t even ride a bike or skateboard because the neighbors unchained dogs will maul you!” Poor Max. Chris B. from San Diego has a job cleaning Sigmoidoscopes—google it … ewww! All of these finalists will get a free copy of TransWorld’s 20 Tricks Volume 3: Progression Sessions.

But, ultimately we could only choose one winner, and that is Alex S. from Central Valley California—he wins the Camp Of Champions “Save Me From My Summer” contest with a free eight-day deluxe session at the Camp Of Champions in Whistler, BC  including lodging, breakfast and lunch, lift tickets, coaching, and free after riding activities.

Alex’s winning entry is below.

Shitty Job
If you have ever been to the Central Valley of California, you’d know that
the summers are sweltering and the cows are in full force. With highs reaching up
to 110 degrees, it’s not a place where you would want to have an outdoor job!
But knowing my luck, I get stuck washing Manure Spreading Trucks for eight bucks
an hour. Yea… it’s literally a “shitty job.” So while all my friends are beating the
heat by lounging by the pool and swimming in the lakes, I’m getting a shit shower
from liquid manure while I spray out the underside of the spinners. Literally
that’s my only refreshment from the skin peeling heat.
So you may be asking, what’s so bad about washing trucks? Well, these
things are like semis with a double trailer that have about half‐a ‐foot of caked on,
crusted over, cow shit on them…so not only does it take about two hours per
truck, I have to do five a day! And if you think that’s bad, I have to get in there
real deep with the pressure washer, putting it about an inch away from the truck,
causing that lovely brown stuff to shoot out twenty feet in every direction,
including all over my face!! You could describe it as a “feces facial,” one of my
Now you may be asking if your job is that bad why even do it? I have one
word for you, “snowboarding”. Every summer I work hard to earn that money,
so I can ride that white fluffy stuff all winter long. You know… keep that shred
stick well fed. Every day I wash those trucks I look East towards those majestic
Sierras and say to myself “it’s just one day closer to winter.”