Get ready for some April Foolin' and a whole lot of froth on Easter Sunday with Satellite Boardshop's 7th Annual Love Games, a "contest" in the loosest sense of the word. The fun begins on Saturday, March 31st with Build Day, when everyone is encouraged to come out to Loveland Pass with shovels and rakes to build features that will be ridden on Blast Day, April 1st. Fill up a backpack with drinks and snacks, grab your friends, park at the bottom of Loveland Pass and hitch a ride to the top with the rest of the sauntering Love Games-goers.

This two-day event features four zones of intricate features, including a quarterpipe, a step up, and the notorious ironing board hip, that start at the top of Loveland Pass and spiral all the way back to the parking area. At the end of the day, after witnessing and experiencing a slew of slams and stomps, it's time for an Easter feast as food gets grilling and gear gets tossed to the frothiest puppies that laid down the best tricks of the day.

PHOTO: Matt Alberts

With great prizes, free drinks, free food and the core Colorado snowboarding community, the weekend is sure to be the highlight of the season for snowboard lovers ready to pay tribute to a pedigree of do-it-yourself, freestyle snowboarding in its most native form.

Registration is $5 by clicking the link below.