Santa Cruz Snowboards is the main sponsor of Mountain Creek, NJ snowboard park this season. The park will have more rails and mailboxes than you can shake your stick at. All MC park employees will be outfitted in custom screened Santa Cruz Jackets. Look for SC logos on the fencing, signage, trail maps, and on the rails.

Santa Cruz Snowboards is the main sponsor of Dodge Ridge snowboard & winterskate parks this season. The parks are going to kick ass and Dodge will be a hub for Santa Cruz Team Photo Shoots this season. Look for Dodge Ridge/Pepsi soda bottle neck hangers throughout Central California this fall and winter with Stephen Duke on it.

The “Ticket to Ride” promotion is full steam ahead at Mountain Creek in New Jersey, Dodge Ridge in Northern California, and Snow Shoe in West Virginia. Every customer who buys a Santa Cruz in each of the respective territories gets a free lift ticket to the resort. We direct shipped out stickers & custom screened posters to all regional shops. The screened posters are sweet collectibles, so get yours quick. And, for anyone who buys a Santa Cruz Snowboard in NOR Cal, not only do they get a FREE Ticket to Dodge, but they get a FREE Blacklight Video too. Now, THAT’S end user value.

We are in the process of our second catalog mailing. All shops that have Santa Cruz Snowboards in stock will be receiving their 2nd shipment of 50 Catalogs via PRIORITY Mail. Keep your eyes out for em. Meanwhile, we just finished shipping out 20,000+ consumer catalogs to end users homes.