Santa Cruz And O’Neill Sponsor Team

Santa Cruz Snowboards has joined forces with O’Neill, Internet company The Blue Window, Swissair, and Nissan to sponsor The Blue Window/O’Neill Pro Team. Santa Cruz is the official board supplier for the newly formed team, which features Olympic Halfpipe Gold Medalist Gian Simmen and five-time overall world champion Bertrand Denvervaud.

In addition, the team will also bring together some of the top boardercross riders in Europe including Tor Bruserud from Norway, Fabrizio Bonnachina from Italy, Philippe Conte from France, Cri Mayerhofer and Ine Poetzl from Austria competing on the new Santa Cruz TBX-Boards. The Santa Cruz R&D team developed and designed the all new TBX-Boards based on input given from the team. These specialty boards will be available as a limited edition series in the 2000/01 Santa Cruz line.

The new team uniform will promote the two main sponsors (The Blue Window and O’Neill), but also leave space for the new co-sponsor Swissair and Nissan. It’s a three-year deal.

The sponsors will not only promote the top riders from the Santa Cruz A-team, but will also support all the B- and C-team newcomers.

The Blue Window will continually use the snowboard-scene and it’s surroundings as a communication platform targeting a broad, young market. For more information on the team and results the blue window launched it’s all new web page, It’s an extensive platform for snowboarding in general, but also gives special information on the teams, events, contests, results, media information, and more. Unfortunately, it’s in German right now.