Salomon Hillside Project shaped by Wolfgang Nyvelt and tested at Island Lake Lodge

As Salomon celebrates the 10-year anniversary of the Sick Stick, Salomon and Wolfgang Nyvelt (Wolle) continue their tradition in shaping true powder boards.  Working in conjunction with Wolle, who has been a team rider for over 20 years, Salomon has contributed knowledge and design recourses to the passion project AESMO, and in return with Wolle's deep knowledge of shapes, construction, and skill have been applied to the 2017 Hillside Project.  All Salomon Hillside prototypes were produced in Wolle's factory in Austria and are held up to the highest standard of quality and creativity.

 Salomon Snowboards has formed a Partnership with Island Lake Lodge Catskiing in Fernie BC Canada, based on sharing their roots, passion, and focus on the soul of powder riding and providing the growing powder slashing market a board and place that are unmistakably sick. As passion for carving lines in snow continues to thrive, so does the need for a board that meets the endless opportunities of freeriding, each guest at Island Lake Lodge has the opportunity to ride Salomon's Hillside boards with custom Island Lake Lodge graphics. The Hillside Project promotional video has been filmed in its entirety at Island Lake Lodge.

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