LAMOILLE, Nev. (December 22, 2009) — As if three days of heli-skiing some of the West's best hidden backcountry terrain wasn't enough of an escape, Ruby Mountain Heli-Experience has partnered with Snowbird to give guests even more – a two day warm-up with lodging at Snowbird.

Located at the base of Nevada's Lamoille Canyon halfway between Salt Lake City and Reno and easily accessing more than 3,000 vertical feet and 200,000 ski-able acres, Ruby Mountain Heli-Experience is offering a three-day excursion for $4,100. The getaway includes three-nights' accommodations, gourmet meals and three days of helicopter-accessed skiing with professional guides for $4,100. Ruby Mountain's Snowbird package is the same price with an additional two days of lodging and skiing at Snowbird in Utah. The Ruby Mountain-Snowbird package is available the week of March 25.

Ruby Mountain Heli-Experience takes pride in offering an outstanding ski experience matched with the utmost regard for client safety. From mid-January to mid-April guests can experience a three-day trip to explore the untouched Ruby Range in northeastern Nevada. Packages with RMH’s seasoned guides guarantee 39,000 vertical feet of skiing, as well as outstanding food and lodging at Reds Ranch, located in Lamoille. For more information or to book your trip please contact Ruby Mountain Heli-Experience at (775) 753-6867 or email Or visit,