September 6th, 2005—Mathieu has signed a three years deal for boards, boots and bindings. After beeing a Rossignol team member 15 years ago, Mathieu comes back to his first sponsor.

“I’m impressed by the evolution of the products. Back in the days, I used to ride the corn board but today, I’ve got some new and lighter cores, high performance shapes, some customizable bindings with a really fast fit in, and I’m really confident in the boots evolution. I’ve been testing some new models and I’m stoked on them.— Mathieu

“He’s an overall and ultra talented rider. He’s always 200 % motivated. I’m really excited and proud to welcome him to our team—Damien Giraud, team manager.

“I’m back to my first sponsor. I’ve been blown away by the passion that conveys from the marketing team and also by the involvement of the rider in products development. We share the same opinion. This cooperation is therefore fully natural.—Mathieu Crépel.

Mathieu joins Doriane Vidal, Hana Beaman, JF Pelchat, Benji Ritchie, Jeremy Jones and Jonas Emery in the Rossignol Snowboards international team.

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