As part of its continuing efforts to improve brand awareness and drive  growth, Rossignol Snowboards has teamed up with the Lyricist Lounge, an internationally recognized hip-hop based brand name and company. Over the past 13 years, the Lyricist Lounge has consistently presented qualityevents and products, having produced hundreds of showcases, three  albums, seven domestic tours, two seasons of the MTV sketch comedy series  “TheLyricist Lounge Show”, and two DVD projects entitled “Lyricist Lounge presents Best of Hip Hop Videos” and “Dirty States of America.” The list  ofLyricist Lounge’s hosts and performers reads like a who’s who of  hip-hop: Eminem, Mos Def, The Roots, Sean “Puffy” Combs, Talib Kweli, De  La Soul,Notorious B.I.G., Q-Tip, and the list goes on.

Hoping that the  partnership will help to further anchor both brands in the Snowboarding  community, Lyricist Lounge Co-Founder Anthony Marshall plans to “bring  what we have brought to hip hop over the last 13 years to Rossignol  Snowboards’ events, the mountains and to snowboarding.” 

Rossignol Snowboards’ North American Division Manager Michel Lessard is  also excited to capitalize on the deep roots that the Lyricist Lounge  possesses within the hip-hop culture. “I amconfident that our partnership  with the Lyricist Lounge will enable Rossignol Snowboards to continue to  expand its reach throughout the snowboarding community and further  strengthen the brand in North America, especially in those markets that  are based in hip-hop and urban culture.”

Aside from their overlapping interest in the urban market, both  Rossignol Snowboards and the Lyricist Lounge share a common ideal-to exposeundiscovered raw talent and encourage a spirit of progression, be it on the streets or in the mountains. Both companies have proven to have  been, and continue to be, springboards of development for many of today’s  pro-riders and hip-hop all-stars. Rossignol Snowboards and the Lyricist Lounge will debut their partnership by co-hosting east coast events this March.