Triumph and Return of the Wildcats Premier PartyPresented by Rossignol Snowboards
Metropolis–Rue. Ste. Catherine, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Friday (Vendredi) Oct. 5, 8:30 p.m.

By Rob Campbell

Montreal’s snowboarding faithful braved a cold rain to line up around the block on Friday night (Oct. 5) as Rossignol Snowboards hosted the premiere of Triumph and Return of the Wildcats. Metropolis, a club capable of hosting thousands, filled almost all of that space with shop employees, aspiring pros, legitimate pros, local heroes and the generally curious. A large screen above the Olympic-pool-sized dance floor was supported by a network of smaller televisions capable of keeping snowboarding action in view at all times while the soundtracks of both films, which were too good to have been used legally, pumped through an audio system usually reserved for deafening techno.

Although the emcee’s address was bi-lingual, there was no denying a heavy vibe of hometown pride shown through the crowd’s riotous outbursts for guys named Guy, Etienne or Guillaume. Both movies offered plenty of opportunity for celebration with a solid offering of rails, memorable pipe sessions and upper-deck spins in the neighborhood of 720 and higher.

“I guess it’s not that easy to pick up French Canadian girls if you’re not French Canadian,” said one disappointed attendee from Vermont. A few foreign spectators noticed their game suffering in a club packed with French Canadian men and their reputation for pursuing females with Discovery Channel ferocity. But the evening’s only tense moment came during the board give-away, after J.F. Pelchat produced a white, sequined g-string and announced that any guys wanting a shot at the board had to come on-stage and dance for him.Notable Attendees
J.F. Pelchat, Andrew Crawford, Chris Brown, Dionne Delesalle, Keir Dillon, Trevor Andrew (with new gold fronts), Mike Page, Guy Deschenes, Guillaume Morisset, Etienne Tremblay.

What The Pros Wore

Andrew Crawford sported his homemade three-quarter sleeve “Rock Hard” t-shirt and a full-forearm studded bracelet. Crawford earned additional style points because he was flying to Atlanta the next day to see his hero Dale Earnhardt Jr. at a NASCAR race. Trevor Andrew was showing off his new gold fronts, Keir Dillon was keeping it clean-cut and tight with a freshly shaved head (Michael Jordan style). But J.F. Pelchat topped everyone thanks to rock star sunglasses, his trademark lambchop facial hair and nothing but a mid-length fur coat covering his bare upper body.

Crowd Survey
(percentages based on a sample size of 20 premiere attendees)
Do you speak English? Yes (95%)
Do you plan to slide any rails this season: Yes (80%)
Have you ever been molested by a member of the Wildcats? No (90%)
Who is cooler, Dionne Delesalle or that guy from ‘N Sync? Dionne (90%)
Can you do a backflip on your snowboard? No (60%)