Rossi Presents Full Metal Edges at Drive-In

Rossignol Snowboards, and Anon Optics present: Grenade Gloves: Full Metal Edges and Iron Curtain 2: Jump In The Fire on October 4th.

In only two weeks, the first premier to ever be held at a Drive-In will be going down. That’s right, the drive-in. Get the lawn chairs out and the beverages on ice, it’s going to be unlike anything you’re used to. The Drive In is the new battleground were there will be no wounded soldiers left and the fight for hype will be permanently defeated.

This grand scheme will become a reality on October 4th in Burlington, VT. On hand will be too many riders to list. As well, some of Burlington’s Reservists will be locked and loaded and a small elite Special Op’s team is being dropped in from California.

On screen will be Grenade Glove: Full Metal Edges and Iron Curtain 2: Jump in the Fire. This night raid is brought to you by many soldiers, namely 93-94, Rossignol Snowboards and Anon Optics. For more info, directions, tickets and hand holding, long on to: or email:

Raise the Flag.