December 22nd 2011

By the power vested in the Rome Snowboard Design Syndicate, we proudly proclaim December 26th International Stoke Your Shop Day!  Because if Hallmark can make up things like Administrative Professional's Day and Boss' Day, it seems like we have the same ability.

When Christmas is over, shop crews all over the world are exhausted from helping us pick out the right deck, explaining all the binding tech we need to know, and fitting boots on some less than pleasant smelling feet.

While the shops are working hard to exchange the Mini Shred your forgetful Grandmother bought you at the age of 19, it's time to give a little back.

It's time to stoke out the shop.  Grab them a couple trays of coffee, some doughnuts, an icy cold 12-pack, or whatever goods you think will help them get through the day. Maybe re-gift something you got the day before… craft store gift certificates, or some fresh socks and underwear.  Whatever you bring the crew, make sure to say thanks, and wish them a "Happy Stoke Your Shop Day".

Grab a photo of you and your friends sharing some appreciation and send it in to and we will be sure to post it to our & accounts!