It all started with the Artifact 1985. Then came the Pusher, Postermania, the Notch 1985 and the Lo-Fi 1985. Now come the Agent 1985, the Postermania Wide and the Garage Rocker.

All powered by Poprock Technology to blend that press-happy, floaty feel with that familiar pop off the tail and nose.

Given that riders with all types of addictions—pow, jib, jump, everyday shred—like different types of camber, the Design House got together with Rome riders early last winter and expanded the offering of Rome Poprock reverse camber boards.

· Agent 1985: Featuring the new MtnPop camber that blends reverse camber under foot and positive camber in the nose and tail, the Poprock version of the Agent adds a dose of float and playfulness, while maintaining the kill-it-all, park-to-peak personality of the team's positive camber favorite. New QuickGrip sidecut gives it added bite.

· Postermania Wide: Since introducing the Artifact 1985 last year, we've been hearing from riders by email every week looking for a Poprock board for riders with bigger feet. Plus, a bunch of the team riders like wider boards for landing in pow.

· Garage Rocker: Since some of the friends of the AmArmy are local shreds living in resort-town ghettos without sponsorship, they suggested we create a Poprock board for riders who don't have a lot of scratch. This is the blue-collar rocker.

Limited quantities of each model available at fine snowboard shops worldwide.

Check the Poprock Limited Collection out in the new Rome catalog or at