Rome SDS Team Terror: Days 4 & 5


Day 4 of the Rome Team Terror Week at Windells was another sunny day of shred. Slush was slashed, the Rome Nightmare hip was sessioned and everyone left the hill tired and happy.

After getting down from the mountain, Marius, Bjorn, Eiki, and Stale shed their snow pants and threw on some paintball gear. The crew headed into the woods with the adult campers for a few rounds of hiding in foxholes, ducking behind trees and shooting the crap out of each other. Marius has some superior sniping ability and led his team to victory in the first game, taking out Bjorn early. Bjorn's team however, came back in the second game, with Stale exiting the woods last and victorious.

After paintball, the team headed to BOB, Windells' indoor skatepark and sessioned the mini ramp. Eiki was killing it, as usual, and landed a huge benihana to fakie. Stale skated the flat bar for a while and then hit the skate launch to foam pit.

On Day 5, Team Terror put on an old-school trick contest for all the young shreds. Impressively, the campers threw down boned out nose and tail grabs, backflips and double grabs. Marius and Eiki threw out a challenge to all the campers: whoever could get the most grabs in one hit (with good style) would win some new gear. East coast camper, Dan "Panda" Landy threw down an frontside grab-to-mute-to-melon-to-stale and impressed the Rome crew enough to win the event.

Photo: Darcy Bacha

Later that evening it was time for Slasher Night back at Windells campus. Marius, Bjorn, Eiki, Stale and local Rome rider, Jeff Rudinski donned the Jason costumes and chased campers down. Young shreds scattered and tried to evade the Terror Team but were no match for the Rome pros' stalking and slashing skills. Bjorn even hustled up a tree to slash a wiley camper.

When everyone was wandering around with bright red marks on their necks, the last survivor came forth. Identical twin brothers, Ronan and Corey Devlin had switched shirts at the last minute so that everyone would tag the wrong brother. Corey had been slashed, but Ronan hadn't and the sneaky maneuver earned Ronan a brand new Rome 2010 snowboard and a ton of cheers from all of the campers. The last three to get slashed before Ronan took home prizes from Rome as well. Etienne Arent snagged a new 2010 Rome Jacket, Spencer Cook grabbed the Romex and Caleb Kinnear earned a Rome hat and t-shirt.

Stay tuned over the next few days to and for more updates from Team Terror and other happenings of the SDS.