Session One at Windell's just wrapped up and it was an awesome start to a summer of shredding up at Timberline and post-snowboard hanging out on the Windell's campus. The weather was a little foggy on hill, but the shred action was still tons of fun, especially with the brand new Windells' rope tow that started turning this week. Campers hot lapped the tow all day, every day, giving way to tons of learning, tons of fun and a giant twenty-person jump train on the last day of shred.

It's been a Poprock 1985 week in the demo shed as campers have taken every opportunity to try out 2010 Artifact 1985s, Postermanias and Lofi 1985s. The Dream Feature for this session was a dance floor/butterpad/pole jam combo, so the pressy playfulness of the 1985s were perfect for the week.

Rome Slasher Night was a highlight of the week for campers. As Demo Mary explained the rules of the manhunt-style game, Rome supporters/Windells staff in bloody jumpsuits ran out from behind cabins and surprised the campers before anyone had a chance to run and hide. Campers that were not quick enough were attacked by the Rome SDS killers and were slashed on their necks with red marker. Despite some clever kids that hid around camp and one camper that climbed 20 feet up a tree, the campers succumbed to the jump-suited assailants and only one remained standing: Michael Hanson. Michael was rewarded with a brand new 2010 Rome Jacket of his choice for evading the slashers. Everyone else was stoked too, as they scrambled for schwag in a big Rome product toss led by local Rome riders, Steve Pierce and Jeff Rudinski.

As the session came to a close,  red marks on everyone's necks faded and the campers loaded their bags into the Rome Camp of Terror van and headed to the airport. Stay tuned for more from Windell's next week…