Session two is in full swing at Windells right now and it's been all sun, smiles and shredding…except for back on the Windells campus, where Camp Terror has once again taken over.

On hill, the snowboarding has been ridiculous. The park staff built a wall jib and barrel bonk at the bottom of the park, making a perfect place for everyone to try out their Artifacts, Agents and Postermanias. Campers had a super fun session on the wall jib with Rome riders Johnnie Paxson, Steve Pierce and Jeff Rudinski. Everyone was ripping, trying lipslides, blunts and barrel bonk transfers, and the best tricks won Rome t-shirts, hats and wallets.

For this week's Rome sponsor night, the staff rioted against the campers. This session there were more slashes, more blood and most importantly, more Rome gear for the surviving campers. Campers ramped up their strategies and hid all over in the oddest, grossest, most creative places in hopes of being the last few standing. Good hiding spots included under the porch of the Hessian Delicatessen, under a van and in a trash can. Unluckily for them, though, Rome rider Johnnie Paxson was on the trail of the young campers and only two souls remained standing at the end. It was too tough to call so two prizes were awarded. The deserving winner of a brand new 2010 Rome Jacket of his choice was Cole Gorski. Christian Coughlan was fast, evaded the killers and won a Romex watch. Eli Bernstein was not standing at the end, but he put up such a fight against the killers that he got the Jason Voorhies Award, earning him some Rome gear along with the respect and adoration of all his peers for playing Slasher so well. After the three winners were decided, everyone got to grab some prizes in a big Rome product toss.

Next session, Team Terror comes to Windells. So look for the Tales From The Hood update with Bjorn Leines, Marius Otterstad, Eiki Helgason, Johnnie Paxson and Stale Sandbech.

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