Rome Stoken — This Weekend in Utah and Michigan!

March 19th – Nubs Nob in MI – 10:30AM

March 19th – Canyons in UT – 10AM

You can’t control the Stoke.

For the fourth year, Rome SDS brings you the end of season stoke you crave. Stoken is the un-contests of all contests. It’s a time to celebrate the shred season as it winds down and warms up, in a huge crew moving from feature to feature just having a good time.

The Stoken may include: all, some, or none of the following good times:

  • Reverse Limbo Ollie Bar – mad ups bro
  • One Hitters – could be a hip, quarter pipe, pipe, or on the chairlift
  • The Long Slash – spray and pray
  • Barrel Bonks – little tap, tap, taparoo
  • Mystery Flavor – could be anything

We’ll all be traveling as a pack from feature to feature, sessioning each jib or event in a super loose good-times jam format. And while the Stoken isn’t about winning, we still want to hook up a few people displaying the largest stoke quantity with a few extra items.

  • First in Stoke – 2012 Mob Bindings
  • Second in Stoke – 2012 Rome Jacket
  • Third in Stoke – 2012 Rome Backpack

At the end of it all we’ll wrap it all up with a good ol’ product toss and possibly some hot dogs down in the parking lot.

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