With the snow loading the high altitude parks in Austria and riders starting to build backyard set ups, the Rome Snowboard Design Syndicate is celebrating pre-season withdrawal by releasing one its new 2012-13 board designs later this fall.

After some spring testing of the 2013 Hammerhead at Deer Valley (poaching) with Ozzy Henning and with LNP at Superpark (some might remember Snowboarder’s TMZ-style photo of LNP testing out the board at Superpark last May), riders involved in the project got so hyped on it that we decided to pre-release a limited edition version of the Hammerhead with LNP’s 2012 signature graphic in a 147 length.

With a clear nod to skate history through the unique shape of the board, the Hammerhead is designed for skate-influenced riders like LNP.  Technically, it features the FreePop Rocker Camber and QuickRip Sidecut, along with a sneak peak at 2013 innovations like the Skatecore profiling that gives handling like a skate deck and Butterout transition zones that deliver an extra-mellow feel.

Rome is releasing the Hammerhead LNP signature graphic in very limited quantities for the upcoming shred season.   Get your grips on one of these later in the fall and you’ll be one of only 50 people in the world to have this deck.

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