Rome SDS: Lucas Debari Interview


Lucas Debari is the latest edition to the Rome Team. This season, he spent some quality time filming in Alaska with Absinthe and Jeremy Jones’s project, “Deeper”. I’m really stoked to see what he put down this season, and stoked he took my phone call for this interview… even though he probably felt obligated to do so.
~ Ron Faverty, Rome SDS ~

How long were you in Alaska for this season?
I booked my ticket for 6 days, but I ended up staying for 45 days. I kept getting invited for different trips, and one thing I’ve learned is if there’s potential in Alaska, there’s no reason to go anywhere else.


Who was in your crew out in AK? Did you get to ride with anyone you’ve always wanted to ride with?
When I first showed up, there was Jake Blauvelt, and Wolle Nyvelt. Getting to ride with Wolle and Jake was pretty inspiring. Later in the trip I got to film for Deeper with Jeremy Jones, with Tom Burt guiding. That was pretty amazing. Jeremy Jones is pretty much my hero in snowboarding. I learned so much during the 10 days I was with those guys. We hiked all our lines, which was tiring, but really rewarding and a great way to really learn the terrain. After I finished with the Deeper crew I spent some more days in the heli. This was with DCP and my good friend Blair Habenicht, those were the best sessions of the trip.


Any complaints from the trip?
It tests your patience. I’m not the most patient human so, weather can be hard to deal with. Waiting for the right conditions while being stuck in your hotel room can be frustrating. No real complaints though.

This is your first year filming with Absinthe, how was it? Any big differences you noticed from other film crews you’ve filmed with in the past?
Basically just the experience that the filmers and riders have in the mountains is unrivaled in the snowboarding world. There really isn’t any other company out there, maybe Standard, that has that. Opportunities to go heli and push the limits of snowboarding was next level, something I’ve wanted to do forever.

Did you come in with any expectations having watched all the other Absinthe movies?
Yeah a little, I didn’t really know what to expect. I was really excited and the season started off great filming in Nelson, BC, with DCP, Romain, and Blauvelt. I think stuff went really well, I worked as hard as I could at it, and I think the end result will be good. It was awesome working with those guys.

It seems like people are looking to you to be the next “big mountain rider”, any pressure when you hear things like that?
No real pressure. I just legitimately do what I want to do on my snowboard. If that’s the next big mountain stuff, or pushing freestyle in the mountains on natural terrain, so be it. I pretty much just love to snowboard, and love pushing myself. This season was a great opportunity to see what I could do out there filming with Absinthe. I’m just happy to be able to do what I’m doing, the effect that that has on other people, is really out of my hands.

Any mountaineering goals, I read somewhere you were stoked on that stuff?
A year ago I started rock climbing, and now I’m into climbing peaks. I’d love to snowboard down Denali in AK, and Mt. Everest is definitely there. In the spring there are some really good alpine descents here in Washington too. I rode Baker a couple months ago, and there’re a couple other peaks on the hit list, I’m really just starting to get into that realm though.

Are you heading to the southern hemisphere at all this summer?
I’ll be spending my fourth summer in Chili. Bjorn and I will be heading down there and kicking off The Shred Remains project. I have some friends there, and Bjorn knows some people, so it should be really good, and grabbing some shots in August would be great.

Any other summer plans or hobbies?
Nothing huge, climbing takes up a lot of my time, maybe some skate park tours though.

Here’re a few quick questions to wrap stuff up, free round-trip airline ticket to anywhere?

Favorite childhood cartoon?
Tom and Jerry

Fast food joint, if you had to eat at one?
In-and-Out Burger

Music while riding?
No, but if I did it’d be Iron Maiden

Own any guns?
30 ot 6 hunting rifle

Cats or dogs?

Last book you read?
The White Spider, by Heinrich Harrer (about the ascent of Eiger, in Switzerland)

Last Album you bought?
The Grateful Dead Go to Nassau

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