~ September 15th, 2010 ~

For those of you who have been watching the releases of the Local GNAR entries the past month and a half on their Facebook page, it will come as no surprise that picking a winner for the Fourth Annual Local GNAR contest, was truly a pain in the ass. Every video was awesome, each had its own merits, reason for being awesome, and all of them stoked us out to go riding, which is what matters most.

The judging came down to the snowboarding in the video, the "fun" vibe and effort in general, as in the fact that hitting a street rail at night takes more effort than hitting a park rail. The debate in-house was hot and heavy and while everyone pretty much had different takes on the Top 3, there were names that consistently ranked high and led us to all agree on the top 3 videos.

Taking third place, two pairs of 390 Bindings and five pairs of Rome gloves, is Jake Durham out of Eden Prarie, Minnesota.

In second place bringing home two Rome Artifacts, and two pairs of 390 Bindings it's Mark Rainery out of Juneau, Alaska.

First place, $1000 cash, bragging rights, two Rome Artifacts and two pairs of 390 Bindings, goes to Ian Post right out of Burlington, Vermont.

Rome's Filmmaker and Team Manager John Cavan had this to say: "This year the Local GNARs seemed to be at a whole new level. I watched a good chunk of them when they first came in with Bjorn, Lucas, and Will and we were really taken at how much fun everyone seemed to be having. I feel this year's crop of vids raised the bar on a quality and production level, but at the same time they still embraced the feel of the original GNAR video; love of snowboarding and fun with friends. Some of the ones that really stick out in my mind were the head cam shots from Matic Zavodnik in Europe, the really cool pack riding and tech shots from Skyler Brent's crew from Loon. Not one but two 270s into kinks from Jake Durham, and just the overall feel of Mark Rainery's vid. In the end we felt Ian Post's crew just had the total package, a fun feel and a really good crew vibe, while still having a really high level of shredding. I can't wait to see what comes in for next season's Local GNAR contest, and I can only hope to capture some of the fun vibes from these videos as we film for The Shred Remains!"

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