Rome SDS Deathrider Run

With filming for No Correct Way pretty much done by late April, it was to time to get together with some of the younger riders in the SDS.  So in the late spring 2008, the Rome SDS gathered a group of up-and-coming regional AmArmy riders for a late-season session at Echo Mountain Park in Colorado to make a short video—the Deathrider Run.  The crew of riders who converged on Echo included Mark Wilson (MI), Mark Moline (CO), Marie Hucal (MI), Cameron Strand (MI), Jesmond Dubeau (ON), Ted Borland (UT), Steve Peirce (OR), Dylan Alito (CO).

Mother Nature and a late-season dump got in the way of the original plan of a camp-out, slushy park session and nightly BBQs in the evening sun.  After Echo got pounded with three feet of May snow, the riders moved the campsite indoors, the Echo staff re-groomed the buried features, and the three-day session kicked off.  They shredded day and night on anything they could find: trailer jibs, wood features, lodge railings, night-time jumps, a gate, and a few rails.

To check out the trip video click here.

Stay tuned to for more ShredTV updates and the whereabouts of the Rome team.