Rome SDS Asks The Rider


This Friday, April 9th, from 4:30 pm to 6 pm Pacific Time (see time zone list below), Rome SDS pro shreds LNP, Johnnie Paxson, and Will Lavigne will be on Twitter to answer all of your questions in real time. You ask a question, they answer it.

The Rome team is out west getting ready to start filming this year's entry for the Transworld Team Shoot Out. They'll be taking time out of their busy filming schedule to answer any questions you can throw at them…unless it's about the Team Shoot Out. One of Rome filmer John Cavan's favorite sayings is "loose lips sink ships", so all the Shoot Out stuff is really hush hush. However, any and all questions that don't have to do with the Team Shoot Out are fair game. (Rome's winning entry from last year's Team Shoot Out video for those of you who haven't seen it ( )

So fire away with questions at the riders. Are you guys going to any summer shred camps? How does it feel to be back on snow after getting hurt, LNP? Will, can you watch my sponsor-me video? How do I back 1 onto a rail? Who can eat the most Chinese food at a buffet between the 3 of you?

Here's how it will work:

  1. Log on to Twitter at the designated time
  2. Submit your question in the "What's happening?" box
  3. End your question with a @RomeSDS
  4. The team will fire back their answers to your questions

In addition, Rome SDS will be picking a question at random that has the text @RomeSDS in it from the designated time period, and hooking that lucky rider up with a new 2011 Agent Rocker board with reverse MtnPop Camber.

So do whatever it takes to get online and Tweet some questions. Jump on your iPhone, Blackberry, Droid, or do it the old fashioned way by actually sitting down with a keyboard and a screen in front of you at the designated time (all times are p.m.):

7:30-9 Eastern

6:30-8 Central

5:30-7 Mountain

4:30-6 Pacific


For more news and Rome SDS happenings keep an eye on, and